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Weight Control – Is Your Dog Overweight?

Unfortunately a common sight at Dorset Aqua Dogs is the overweight dog; the sad thing is that in many cases the owners don’t realise the harm they are causing their beloved pet.

Excluding those animals with clinical reasons for being overweight, our pets are fat due to simply too much food and too little exercise!

Your vet will probably have pointed out the weight problem at every visit and may have recommended a diet food. It does take a determined owner though to reduce their food and resist those puppy dog eyes for treats or scraps!

To help keep motivated, remember the problems that are caused by obesity such as joint problems,  breathing difficulties, diabetes and heart disease. 

Obviously when dogs suffer an injury or undergo surgery their exercise levels go down so their food intake needs to go down accordingly.

Top Tips for weight loss:

  • Feed appropriately for age, weight and exercise
  • Weigh out every meal
  • Use part of their food ration as treats
  • Don’t give scraps/human food
  • Remember to decrease their food ration when on reduced exercise
  • Feed 20% less after neutering or spaying

And of course weekly hydrotherapy sessions in conjunction with diet change will help the pounds fall off!

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