Canine Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy can be used in conjunction with hydrotherapy or on its own. Each dog is an individual and their treatment program  is tailored to achieve the best clinical outcome.

How does Physiotherapy help?

In conjunction with your vet we can help manage osteoarthritis through non-invasive pain relief and home exercise programmes. We can can rehabilitate/manage orthopaedic conditions, neurogical conditions and soft tissue injuries. Although the body’s natural healing process does its utmost to heal when it is injured, left alone soft-tissue will heal in a haphazard way creating scar tissue and a weakness which is more prone to re-injury.

The use of physiotherapy can help heal better, faster and stronger with a greater chance to return to full function and in some cases can reduce the need for medication and/or surgery. Regular physiotherapy treatment  can also work as a preventative to injury and increase performance and athletic ability. It is science-based and employs various non-invasive techniques. These include massage, stretching, joint mobilisation and area-specific exercise. Phototherapy, pulsed electomagnetic field therapy an ultrasound can also be used where necessary.

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